Smart Energy

Working Together to Slow the Effects of Climate Change

Climate change—global warming and the related changes in weather—is largely caused by increased greenhouse gas emissions from burning coal and fossil fuels. Fortunately, here in Alameda, Alameda Municipal Power (AMP) is a leader in smart energy; from its 100% clean power to its many energy savings programs, AMP is doing its part to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. AMP is way ahead of most utilities as there are many utilities that continue to use fossil fuels and coal to produce electricity. Let’s continue to lead by example and conserve energy! Here’s what you can do to save energy in Alameda.

Did You Know?

Be Energy Smart

  • Turn off lights in rooms when you leave 
  • Turn the thermostat down when away from home, or use a smart thermostat
  • …And set the temperature to 68℉ in winter, 78℉ in summer (if you have A/C) 
  • Don’t leave water running
  • Do full loads in the washer (dishes or clothes)
  • Air dry clothes and dishes when possible
  • Turn the fridge temp to 37℉ and the freezer to 3℉
  • Use LED lightbulbs
  • Get smart power strips to avoid the “phantom load”*
  • Upgrade to energy-efficient appliances with the ENERGY STAR label
  • Install energy-efficient windows
  • Upgrade your HVAC to a U.S. South ENERGY STAR certification
  • Change air filters regularly to help the HVAC system work less hard
  • Weatherize your home: seal air leaks, install insulation in the home and the water heater
  • Install solar panels

*Phantom load: household electronics still draw power from outlets while plugged in but not in use. Smart power strips save energy by shutting down the appliance that has gone into stand-by mode. 

Do Your Part!

Use AMP’s 100% clean electricity at home!

AMP is offering a rebate to encourage Alamedans to use all-electric appliances at home—also known as “electrification.” AMP is offering cash rebates of up to $2,500 for installing five electric appliances in the home.

Electric Vehicles

Since many energy providers get their energy from greenhouse gas-producing sources like coal and natural gas, recharging your EV can be less than clean. But in Alameda, with our 100% clean energy, when you charge at home or on the island, you know you are going 100% green!

AMP Rebate
Get Extra Cash Back on All-Electric Vehicles and Chargers


Solar energy is green energy, and installing solar panels helps reduce the environmental impact of your home, lowers energy bills and helps contribute to energy independence. If you are thinking about installing solar, make energy efficiency your first step.